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About the Acecura Community Hub

There is currently a crisis in the UK social care sector, largely caused by the rapid increase in dementia cases, an ageing population, and an already failing social care system. This system needs private sector support to provide people with the levels of care, respect, dignity and quality of life that they deserve.

Acecura offers an end-to-end solution for people impacted by dementia, combining the power of community, 'connected care', and technology to deliver desirable outcomes whilst reducing financial burden. The aim of the Acecura offering is to provide anyone who is impacted by dementia, including loved ones and informal caregivers, with access to all of the support and care that they may require, by the most efficient and cost effective means possible.

For those who are indirectly impacted, we offer peace of mind and an efficient means of looking after your loved one, with a greatly reduced financial burden by comparison to traditional solutions. We will achieve these outcomes through the adoption of cutting edge technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), cloud computing, innovative and disruptive strategy, and customer-centered design.

About Acecura

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Our goal? To  educate the global community about dementia and related neurological diseases, as well as provide resources and support for those living with, or caring for, someone with dementia. We help people impacted by dementia to 'live well' with independence, peace of mind, and a lower financial burden, increasing quality of life for them and their loved ones.

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